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December 05, 2012

By G. Leon

A couple of wins and dance with Broner in Corley's future?

GL: What's the latest and greatest? When can we expect you back in the ring?

DeMarcus Corley: "I'll be back in the ring in February or early March. I just made a big deal with Al Haymon so I'll be back in the ring soon and I'm coming back at 135 pounds."

GL: You were building up some momentum going into your last fight [a decision loss to Viiktor Postol (20-0) in Russia]. What went wrong?

DeMarcus Corley: "Nothing went wrong. I fought a guy who was 6'1" and he fought a perfect fight. I tried to get into that my house through the backdoor, the front door, the windows, the chimney, the basement, he just wouldn't let me in. When I got in, he would hold me and tie up until the referee broke us up. He fought a smart fight."

GL: You've been with promoter Lou DiBella for your last several fights. Is he still on board now that you've brought Haymon on?

DC: "Yes. I have one more fight left with Lou DiBella and then we'll see what happens from there. I'm going to camp with Danny Garcia to help him get ready for the Zab Judah fight, so I'll be getting in shape and I know I'll be ready to fight at 135 or a catch weight."

GL: Obviously at this point in your career, guys are going to look to match you as the opponent..

DC: (cutting in) "They some damn fools if they do that."

GL: Well that's the reality of it, Chop. Who do you see out there at lightweight that can make you HBO and Showtime relevant again?

DC: "Richard Abril would be a good fight for me once I get ranked. The thing is, these guys haven't been in a rush to fight me. I was a threat at 140 and I'll be more of a threat at 135."

GL: To what do you attribute the ups and downs you've been through. You've been hot and cold lately. Prior to the two wins you had quite a losing streak going on, what's been the cause of this?

DC: "Fighting out of the country.  If you don't get the knockout you're not going to win. I was winning the fight against Paul McCloskey and they [the offical judges] still had me down [Corley won by stoppage]. Even when I fought Tito Bracero [Corley won by decision], if I didn't knock him down three times, I wasn't going to get that fight and the same thing goes for Maidana as well [Corley lost by decision]."

GL: Tell us about the boxing equipment line you mentioned to me after the fight the other night.

DC: "I've been working on my Corley Sports Apparel, it's my boxing shoes we're doing the gloves and the headgears, and the protective cups also. Bernard Hopkins has a couple of pairs of the shoes coming in tomorrow. Zab Judah and Danny Garcia both got some pairs and they're going to be training in them. I'm going to get some to Danny Jacobs as well. I'm getting the shoe out there and it's the hottest shoe out there right now. It's better than Nike, Adidas and it feels better. It's more comfortable. The website is being built right now and we're trying to get it into shoe stores. Right now if you're in the New York area you can pick them up at Mendez boxing gym. If you need a pair right away they can inbox me on facebook and they'll have a pair within a couple of days. Tons of pictures are also available on my facebook page."

GL: What are your goals for 2013?

DC: "I know I'm going to win a title next year. I guarantee and it's going to be at 135. I'm going to make history because I've fought at 140 for the last seventeen years and for me to move down after fighting at the weight since I was an amatuer would be history for me. I can't say if anybody has done it before, but it would be very special to me."

GL: Closing thoughts?

DC: "Look out for me in 2013. I will beat one of those champions and hopefully Broner stays at 135 so I can get a piece of him."

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