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December 04, 2012

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your fifth-round stoppage of Chris Fitzpatrick last weekend. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance?

Danny Jacobs: "I feel like my performance was B+. I wanted to take my time and I don't want to say to get the rust out, but just to feel comfortable back in the ring. I've been out for a long time and my first time back I got a quick knockout. I wanted to get the feel of how it was to be in a professional fight. And I did my thing, I took my time, I got some good powerful shots in so I give myself a good grade."

GL: When I saw you after the fight, I told you that you kept moving into the opponent's right hand. Why were you doing that?

Danny Jacobs: "Because he wasn't throwing it enough and I was trying to set him up. Sometimes when you fight guys that aren't aggressive and not trying to punch, sometimes you take the initiative to go in the wrong direction to challenge him to throw a certain type of punch. I was trying to counter off of him, but he wasn't being aggressive and he never pressed the action. It wasn't me doing the wrong thing for anything other than to get some action."

GL: Are you surprised he quit on his stool?

DJ: "I am surprised that he quit on his stool. He seemed like he was game and he was really taking some good shots. I thought he was going to be able to stick around for a few more rounds. But with the cut and the body shots he was taking, I don't blame him, but I do feel he could have stuck around a bit longer."

GL: Speaking of body shots. Would you have been able to get him out of there sooner had you gone to the body more consistently?

DJ: "Yeah. That's probably why I didn't go there earlier. But he was taking all of the head shots I was throwing. He was getting hurt, but he was taking them. The minute I went to that body he went down to the canvas. I did my best to stay away from the body as much as possible in order to stretch it out."

GL: It looks like you're going to be fighting at the Barclay's on February 9. What can you tell us about that?

DJ: "That's going to be an exciting fight. I think they've got some big plans for me with a well known opponent. I'm not sure who yet, but I've been told it's going to be somebody that the fans could recognize. It's going to be a step up for me and I'm really excited about my next fight. This time around the fans said the undercard wasn't so good. Hopefully my next opponent will be somebody the fans will be pleased with."

GL: Is a name opponent next you moving too quickly following the layoff, or is it right on time? Do you feel that you're at a place where you can pick up where you left off prior to the cancer?

DJ: "I'm not really worried about names. I just want to step up accordingly. Obviously it's not going to be a top name, but I want to step up and I want somebody that the fans are comfortable with."

GL: Who are you riding with on the 9th? Philly or Brooklyn? [Danny Garcia vs. Zab Judah].

DJ: "I'm real good friends with both of the guys. I'm just hoping that it's moreso not about the fighters. I'm just more excited than anything because that's a fight where it's really going to go down."

GL: But who's going to win?

DJ: "I don't know. I'm rooting for both guys. I came up with Danny through the amatuers, and I've been a Zab fan from day one. I'm not going with any guy, I just hope the best man wins."

GL: Closing thoughts?

DJ: "Thanks for always sticking with me on this road to redemption. You could look forward to February 9th. It will be a better performance and hopefully it goes more rounds. Keep it locked on Boxingtalk, you already know what it is."

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