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December 01, 2012

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

I know that you call me a hater when it comes to Manny Pacquiao but I would like to know your thoughts on why to this day Manny has not participated in drug testing? I mean it seems to be the norm now for top fighters to do the random drug testing. I notice a couple of weeks ago you made a comment about it but you didn't ellaborate on why no PED testing for this upcoming fight. If I was Manny I would definitely want Juan Manuel Marquez tested seeing as how he has a completely new body these days. Roach also just made a comment that he is willing to bet Marquez new body is not all natural. If Manny's team feels this way then why don't they request testing. We know Manny is the shot caller so why?

Breadís Response: You are not a hater for asking that question. Itís a great, fair and objective question. I canít speak for Manny but Iím going to use my common sense and see if I am come up with a sensible answer that you may or may not agree with.

One reason could be that Manny already put his foot in his mouth for not agreeing to random blood testing right away with Floyd Mayweather in their negotiations. He would look like a hypocrite if he now asked another opponent for blood testing.

Another reason could be he has a super sense of confidence about himself where he doesnít care what a fighter has in his body, he will still defeat him. In actuality there have been some fighters who have come up dirty but still lost and didnít look great. Erik Morales just did, Tarver didnít look great against Kayode and Shane Mosley, in my view, lost that second fight to Oscar De La Hoya, despite what the judges said.

Then last but not least Manny could be cheating also. Iím no fool and I know that is a possibility also. I hope my answer was fair, objective and enlightening.

Is it a coincidence that Nonito Doniare is the only elite pound-for-pound fighter we can almost be sure of not juicing? He is fighting for the fourth time this year, so he doesn't have time to cycle off, and he does his testing with VADA.

Breadís Response: Another good question. I donít know who is juicing and who is not. Here is why. The powers that be are great at their propaganda spins and when certain things get put out, it makes us all question the integrity of the drug testing. At this point we canít even be sure that we are getting the TRUE resultsÖ..Smh

Nonito doesnít look to be juicing and I respect him a great deal. If you asked me to bet whether he was on or has been on a PED I would bet NO. But thatís just me. On the other side of that, people have whispered that Victor Conteís hypoxy mask that Nonito wears is nothing more than a masking agent for PEDs. ďTheyĒ claim that the mask increases the oxygen in Nonitoís blood, so therefore he could take a PED to aid in that and by using the mask he can always credit the mask and not a PED.

I believe in Nonito but I donít know these guys personally in a way where I could vouch for them 100%. IT takes a heck of a human being to get in the ring with someone he feels is cheating and not cheat themselvesÖ.

Iím no expert on this but from my research Nonito uses VADA to do his testing which is ran by Dr. Margaret Goodman. Victor Conte, Nonitoís nutritionist endorses this company. Some have also said that VADA will not let the poster boy for their company come up dirty. Just like some have suggested that USADA has allowed a few prominent fighters to SEAL their test results. I have no freaking idea whatís going on.

The thing that scares me the most is that a lot of fighters have been proactive in the drug testing issues and they still have been caught cheating, whether knowingly or not, thatís still up for debate. So who volunteers for drug testing doesnít hold as much weight with me as it used to. It really doesnít. I have my personal opinion on who is cheating and who is not and unfortunately I think this era of boxing, once revealed will go down in infamy like the steroid era in baseball did.

I was a long time Floyd Mayweather fan. But Thomas Hauserís article really changed my view of Floyd. Floyd is just not a good human being. He has been convicted of assault on a women, he has degraded his father publicly and he has said some harsh things about his opponents. Itís hard for me to believe that he would fight in this era where he believes that fighters are cheating but he would choose NOT to cheat. He just doesnít seem to be that kind of person. It also bugs me out that he talks about ring rust and how it hurts a fighter but yet heís always taking off. Look at his body in the Juan Manuel Marquez fight, compared to the Ricky Hatton fight. He was strong as hell in the Marquez fight. Now that Hauser has pretty much suggested that Floyd has had positive drug test results and they have been sealed, it only confirms my suspicion. No one has denied Hauser, or the other Spanish guy his name escapes me now. This situation looks extremely fishy because they keep asking for USADA but USADAís test are expensive and they donít test for more drugs than other companies. Why this USADA? Maybe they are paying for more than the test. Maybe they are paying for the result.
Then Manny Pacquiao sues Floyd Mayweather and Golden Boy. Golden Boy does the humble thing and they publicly apologize. But Mayweather doesnít. So the lawsuit continues and Pacquiaoís lawyers request Floydís test results. Floyd settles with Manny for an undisclosed sum and the test results are never turned over. If all this is true Manny was smart in not taking those USADA test. They could have turned the results into anything they wanted to on him. Give us your breakdown and donít hold back!

Breadís Response: You seem to have broken everything downÖ I really donít know what you would like for me to add to your comment because you have covered most of the bases. All I can say is I personally have NOT seen anything that will prove to me that Floyd Mayweather has had a sealed drug test result. So as of right now I will assume heís innocent. I did hear of something called a TUE, which stands for Therapeutic Usage Exemption. Meaning if you have a medical reason to use say synthetic testosterone you can notify the testing commission beforehand and they might allow you to use it. Iím not sure if I believe in that systemÖÖ...

As for the lawsuit, they are public record for the most part. For example if Floyd and Manny settled out of court, which I believe they did it will be public record. I say I believe they did, because I did see it on the internet but I didnít see an official document with details. Now as for the details of Manny asking for Floydís test results and the results being sealed, I donít know about that. Thomas Hauser and Co seem to know. Maybe Manny will give an interview with details. The ironic thing is Manny never seems to try to hurt Floyd. If Floyd did settle out of court after Manny asked for his test records that would be huge in Mannyís favor in the public perception department.

I donít do interviews anymore so I wonít be the one asking Manny or Floyd, but some of these reporters should start. I hate to see interviews where guys are allowed to rant all over the place without any pertinent questions being asked. To be continued I guessÖ.. What a messÖ.

I see Andre Ward- Kelly Pavlik is signed for 26 Jan, 2013.  After
immediately dismissing Pavlik of having any real chance to be Ward, I remembered his only losses were to Bernard Hopkins and Sergio Martinez.  I'm not saying he has a legit chance to beat Ward, but I was amazed at how quickly a former world middleweight champ is easily dismissed after two losses to A
level fighters.  I'd like to know your opinion of Keith Thurman.  I've heard the name before but never saw him fight until he blasted Carlos Quintana over the weekend.  The Thurman kid looks really strong to be a 154-pounder.  How do you view his upside?  How far away is he from Canelo Alvarez, Cornelius K-9 Bundrage  and Miguel Cotto?  Devon Alexander/Kell Brook....snoozer?? Alexander in dominant fashion?  Brook primed for the upset?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Take care brother.--Micah

Breadís Response: I think Ward vs Pavlik is the perfect fight for both guys right now. Ward needs that big star on the big stage to showcase. For pride reasons Pavlik needs to find out where he is. Iím picking Ward in a one sided but action packed fight. Pavlik uses two hands more these days. His left hook to the body and his uppercuts seems to be his best punches more so than his old right hand. We know Ward is no stranger to up close and personal boxing. I look forward to the fight.

Keith Thurman is an ambitious young kid, who took a big fight on HBO and now has made himself a player. People seem to hate on him but the fact remains that Thurman stepped up to fight. Remember Maidana turned him down before his last opponent stepped in. While there may be more talented guys around 147 and 154, Thurman may be the most ambitious so that counts for a lot.

As a fighter Thurman seems a little crude to me but it seems to work for him. Iím not going to go into full detail because I have 2 fighters who could fight Thurman in the near future but I personally like Thurman. Heís a new refreshing face. But if you are asking me if heís a future p4p type of guy, NO I donít see that in him. His divisions are too stacked and unless he improves a great deal I donít envision that kind of future for him but I do think he will make some money.

I donít think Alexander/Brook will be exciting to the casual fan but I will enjoy it. I do think the fight will go the distance and right now I donít have a winner. Itís a very close fight.

Andre Berto has the worst legs in boxing, on top of that he was NOWHERE strong enough to compete with Robert Guerrero, you would have thought it was Berto whoíd moved up from featherweight. Berto is muscular but that muscularity doesnít translate to boxing strength for the 147lb division. Berto probably would be better served to drop down to 140lbs if he could make the weight orÖmaybe heís struggling to make weight which could account for his legs being so weak and stiff. Guerrero bulked up and got stronger coming off of his fight with Aydin where he was the one who was bullied around even though he won. Bertoís trainer is underskilled too because they didnít prepare correctly for Guerreroís tactics. It may be too late for Berto to move on to someone who can improve his skills and tactics but he needs to do something, Tony Morgan underserved him in the Guerrero and Ortiz fights. Berto used to box, now he brawls with every opponent and has abandoned his boxing (so has Cloud). Berto was also saying prefight that Guerrero couldnít hurt him. I donít like it when ANY fighter says that because itís underestimation.
Breadís Response: Whatís up Rob? I think Berto does struggle to make 147. Thatís why they were considering K9 who would have knocked him out judging by his last performance. I have to imagine that a fighter who underestimates his opponents, will not train properly. Logic.

I read where Berto said Guerrero couldnít hurt him either. SMH. Itís surprising that a guy who gets hurt so often would say something like that. Total underestimation. On top of that Bertoís corner is always in a constant state of panic when things donít go his way. If I were Tony Morgan there is no way I could take that many people yelling at my fighter between rounds. Itís counterproductive to the cause. I hope everybody don't put ALL of the blame on Morgan. There was more to it than that in my opinion.

I been reading a lot and folk talking how Robert Guerrero would handle Floyd Mayweather based off his win over Andre Berto...Most people tend to forget how skilled Floyd is. I dare Ghost to put the fight in a phone booth. I can still here Roger telling Floyd during the Ricky Hatton scrap. "that muhfukka wanna fight his ass how to fight inside" then Floyd Proceeded to play the ropes and go ham...Ghost knew that Berto cant scrap inside. That was the key to the fight he said that after. He will get murdered if he plays that game with Floyd.
Breadís Response: I know I picked against Guerrero with Berto, I underestimated him. But Floyd Mayweather Jr. would handle Guerrero. Period. Guerrero has limited head movement and his legs are straight. Floyd is not a lazy fighter, heís a conservative fighter. There is a huge difference. He always does the best thing to give himself a chance to win. Unlike Berto, who settles for a BIG shot chance.

Honestly a fight with Guerrero and Floyd does not intrigue me. I respect Guerrero but can anybody honestly say heís a bigger threat to Floyd than Canelo or Manny is. I know we wonít ever see the Pacquiao fight but Canelo would be just what the doctor ordered. Something tells me we wonít see that fight either.



Breadman itís been a minute my sonís were playing football which means I had time for nothing else, itís a religion down here in Texas we take it serious. Nevertheless, I had originally intended to write you about Camacho, Forest, Gatti, Arguello, Berbick, Corrales all ex-champions and all died violent deaths at the hands of someone else or at their own hands. Is it me or does it seem that a disproportionate number of boxingís ex champions, athletes who have reached the pinnacle of their sport die violent deaths and if this is the case why do you think that is??
The main reason for the note was I wanted to clarify something you said in the last mail bag. If I wasnít still buzzing from the night out with my cousins over Thanksgiving I could have swore you said Andre ďThe Limited OneĒ Berto got more scratch for getting beat up by Robert Guerrero than Andre ďThe SOGĒ Ward got for his virtuoso performance against Chad ďSoftĒ Dawson. Itís not even my money and Iím pissed that Ward is not being given the proper respect and compensation commensurate with his exceptional skill level. What else does this man have to do in order to get paid the guy is a P4P great, heís fought and beat the best in impressive fashion, he is an Olympic Champion, smart, articulate and very marketable how does Andre Berto deserve to make half of what this man earns let alone MORE than he makes?? Are you kidding me that is ridiculous!!!! Does Andre Ward have to become Floyd to get paid heís just as talented, has accomplished just as much so why canít he get paid like Floyd. Maybe Ward should sign with Al Haymon cause heís the only one who seems to get fighters paid these days. Lest I be painted as a hater let me say I have no problem with Manny and Floyd making 30 to 40 million a fight they are the best in the business and should be compensated as such. But when you have the likes of Canelo Alvarez and Andre Berto getting paid more than more proven guys who are undefeated something has gone astray. Basketball and Football use to be like that where the overall number one player in the draft was the highest paid player in sports and hasnít even played a down or hit a jumper but they fixed that crazinest with slotted salaryís and rookie wage scales. Now players have to earn top pay by their play and not on their potential. In your opinion would a system like that work in boxing, where HBO had slotted money for P4P fighters and ranked fighters based on accomplishments, and experience, revenue potential etc. This way money is spent more efficiently on the top fights and not on unproven contenders who may or may not pan out and boxing as a whole is treated to higher quality fights cause Iíve seen about as much of the Andre Berto and Seth Mitchellís of the world.

Thomas Stewart
Breadís Response: You make a great point about boxers dying violent unexpected deaths. I will research this and get back to you.

Yes Berto made more money than Ward in their last fights. I donít know how that can be justified but he did. Al Haymon who advises Berto is the MOST powerful man in boxing and all of his clients seem to get the highest market value for a fight. Iím not saying itís fair but thatís the truth.
See you have to realize that World Championship Boxing will only pay about 2.5million for a main event. # million for special cases. So that money has to be split up and moved around. If you have the highest money maker in boxing (Mayweather) you can call the shots for your clients. Haymon does this as well as anybody ever did.

As for Ward turning into Floyd Mayweather, no he doesnít have to do that. He just needs to keep being himself. Floyd is Floyd. If Andre acted like Floyd, people would call him a wanna be. I think fighters should market themselves and maximize their personalities WITHIN the realm of who they are. Iíve met Ward. Heís a cool dude. He dresses nice and heís not corny at all. Heís just a god fearing man, who doesnít mind talking about it. Lots of us can relate to him.

Remember Evander Holyfield and Miguel Cotto do not have outlandish personalities and they both are huge draws and have made tons of money. In fact Holyfield is arguably the highest paid fighter in the history of boxing. SoÖ..


I am at work watching a blast from the past fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather Sr. Video is here for the mailbag viewers:
And I must say that we have discussed a mythical matchup between Floyd
Jr. and SRL and this video changed my opinion a little bit. In
watching this fight it is my assessment that SRL had a lot of his
success vs. Floyd Sr. when he A) overwhelmed him with punch output and
B) when he punched with Floyd Sr. I was surprised at how Floyd Sr. was
able to jab with Sugar Ray and also how often he was able to hit Sugar
Ray with the right hand; especially when he rolled and countered a
missed right hand by SRL.
I guess what I am saying now is that I believe the matchup would be a
little more intriguing that I originally felt it would be. Floyd Jr to
me would still be able to mute SRL's output with his defense and ring
generalship. In the fight vs. Sr. Sugar Ray attacked but he also
seemed hesitant many times in this fight because Sr was able to be
effective defensively. Because Floyd Jr. is simply a better fighter at
doing the things that his father did and is less stationary (speaking
prime years of course) I feel this fight would go to the cards. I
could see SRL winning this fight because he would land more power
So I still feel SRL would win the fight but I think the fight is
really competitive. In fact I feel that Hearns is a far worse matchup
for Floyd than SRL would be. What are your thoughts Bread? Can you
break down that Floyd Sr. vs. SRL fight and discuss what parallels we
can make if Floyd Jr. and SRL would fight if any?
Breadís Response: I will post your email, but don't take too much from that fight except a few things. One is Leonard had only 13 fights. He was about 15 fights from his prime run, that's very important. He sort of just big dogged Mayweather Sr. because he realized he couldn't hurt him and was wild at times. Also Note that Senior is very tall compared to Junior. He's 6ft tall and he's an extremely skilled fighter with a good jab. So yes he was able to hit Ray but 'junior is 2 inches shorter than Leonard. I know Junior is better than pops but that's the difference. If you want prime Leonard look at his fight with Bruce Finch compared to this one. He's bigger, stronger, more composed and efficient. It's a terrible shame he retired after that fight, he was only 25 in his absolute prime. Tell me what you think after you check him out against Finch and tell me if there is a difference in his overall approach.

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