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November 28, 2012

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your recent victory, a ten-round decision over James Winchester (15-6). Can you give us some thoughts on your performance?

Joey Hernandez: "I give myself a B. I'm my worst critic. I thought I could have taken the guy and I was loading up, trying to get big knockout on Tv. I think I did some things that aren't in my style, but I got the win and a win is a win and I plan to keep winning."

GL: Are you disappointed Winchester went the distance? As you said, you definitely seemed to be overexerting yourself to get him out of there.

JH: "I feel that way a little bit. I wanted to be the first guy to knock him out, especially since a lot of the guys he's fought are known as punchers. I wanted to make a statement. I hurt him. I dropped him. I rocked him. I did everything but take him out. It's not my style to go looking for the knockout, I'm a great boxer, but I took the fight to him. It felt like he didn't want to fight, so I took it to him and did what I had to do."

GL: Who do you like in Ausitn Trout vs. Miguel Cotto?

JH: "I like Cotto. But I'm also somewhat friends with the advisor of Austin Trout. Hopefully Trout can win because maybe that's a fight I can land also."

GL: What are your goals for 2013?

JH: "I'm looking to stay busy, get a win or two and then a world title shot. I'm improving with every fight so I want to stay active, keep winning and get the big fight."

GL: Is there anybody you're targeting?

JH: "I've been looking to fight that guy Carlos Molina for a couple of years already. I've hit up his wife, I've done everything I can do to try and make the fight. I feel that's a fight that would bring the best out of me. He's an exciting fighter, he would bring the fight to me and he throws a lot of punches. He's fought the best and at some point this year I would love to fight him."

GL: Angulo also fits that description. Is that a fight that interests you?

JH: "Yes. Those are the guys I want to fight, those are the styles that would bring the best out of me. I see he's going to be fighting Delvin Rodriguez, so he's choosing to go the path of the washed up fighters. Hopefully he takes care of Rodriguez and maybe we can do something also."

GL: Do you feel that you've moved past the Paredes fights? Is that something that still irks you or have you written it off?

JH: "It still irks me because I know I can beat him. I don't think he's a fighter of my caliber anymore. I think I've surpassed him as a fighter, but if it lined up that way I would fight him again. He's the fighter that took away my undefeated record and of course I want to avenge that."

GL: If you can't get the fights you're looking for is the plan to go through the elimination process with the sanctioning bodies?

JH: "I'm ranked in the WBC, IBF and WBO. Hopefully this last win moves me up some. I'm just hoping to land another big fight on TV. I'm hoping my last fight opened up some people's eyes. I wasn't at my best and I fought out of my style, but I took care of my business and tried to get the guy out of there."

GL: Some critics might say that you haven't beaten anyone of merit yet. How do you respond to that?

JH: "I think that I showed against guys who have fought people, guys like Angel Hernandez and Elco Garcia. Even though they're older and at the end of their careers, they're tough guys. Boxing is a business and I haven't gotten any calls yet to fight the top guys. I'm not making a lot of money now, but that's mostly because none of the top guys want to fight me. They call guys as opponents all the time, I don't mind being the opponent the first time out, just give me the opportunity."

GL: So in other words anybody who thinks you've been facing soft touches, so pick up the phone make a fight and find out who you are.

JH: "Exactly. I've been waiting for that phone to ring for a big fight all year."

GL: Has Don King told you what's next for you yet?

JH: "He promised me that I would be fighting on the Chris Arreola card. I know he didn't win the purse bid, but he should still have enough pull to get me on the card. It's the Andre Ward- Kelly Pavlik undercard and it's a great show for me to be on because a lot of media and fans will be there.

GL: Closing thoughts?

JH: "I want everyone to take a look at me. The name is catchy, Twinkle Fingers. I'm a young, fly, flashy, charismatic kid. I always come to fight and you will never get a boring fight when I am in the ring."

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