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November 26, 2012

By G. Leon

Exclusive Interview: Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin

GL: What's the latest and greatest brother?

Peter Quillin: "I'm heading back to California and start my camp. I'm already prepared to go through another long and agonizing camp to get ready for my next opponent."

GL: I underastand your next fight is likely to be on February 9, 2013. Who are you fighting on February 9th?

Peter Quillin: "I can't put anything out there yet because it's still being negotiated, but I know Al Haymon and my team will put together what's best for me. I have my manager to make sure everything will be in place for myself. I read something online that [Dimitriy] Pirog was targeting me or something, but instead of saying this or that I'm just going to prepare myself for a fight."

GL: What did winning that WBO middleweight title mean to you?

PQ: "It's been a long tough journey, but I know with all the hard work it was coming sooner or later. As a matter of fact, my belt just got here so I'm going to pick it up tomorrow and see what it feels like to wear that belt as the champion."

GL: Now that you're the WBO middleweight champion you get to call some shots, so who do you want to fight in 2013?

PQ: "I just want to establish myself as one of the best in the sport of boxing. Mentally I want to be ready for anything, so I'm ready for anyone. I want to fight the guys that will make me a household name in boxing. That's my goal now and that's what I'm working towards."

GL: Sergio Martinez is that dude at middleweight and to your credit, I know you've been trying to make a fight with him for quite some time. How much longer do you think it will be before you get the fight you've been asking for?

PQ: "I just have to keep getting myself out there and building my name to make it a fight that the people really want to see. Of course die hard fans want the best fights you could put on and sometimes they don't make the best sense for us boxers. But for the most part I want to be prepared for whoever they put in front of me."

GL: Gennady Golovkin is also highly regarded at middleweight. What are your thoughts on him as a fighter? Is he somebody on your radar?

PQ: "Of course. He's a name that's out there and he's building his experience. Some people consider him the most dangerous guy out there. Some people think guys are running scared from him, but he's a guy who doesn't generate the kind of money that warrants the risk involved in a fight with him. He's a real dangerous fighter and I will give him that credit. I won't give him the credit to say he beats me because I feel I'm unbeatable, but he should want to target the best just like I am. I want to make the fights that make sense and dollars. I've been boxing for eight years and I just became world champion. I went through ups and downs and didn't make any money for a long time. I just want to make sure I make the right moves at this stage of my career."

GL: What's it been like to fight at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn?

PQ: "I always love to work with people who put me out there and believe in me. I want to work hard for myself and make the people behind me happy. Boxing has given me the opportunity to fight there and it means a lot to me from a historical level. A lot of people are born and raised there and don't do much with their life. I stuck through the rough and tough times and now I'm fighting at the Barclay's so it's wonderful."

GL: Closing thoughts?

PQ: "I want to thank you personally for giving me a call to get me out there for the fans. I will continue to work hard for myself and for the fans. Follow me @Kidchocolate on twitter and instagram."

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