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November 11, 2012

Compiled By Rick Evans

Wladimir Klitschko W12 Mariusz Wach... Wladimir Klitschko scored a dominant unanimous decision victory over Poland's Mariusz Wach in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday. The fight was never competitive as Klitschko, fighting a taller oppoenent for the first tie in his career, established his jab from and kept Wach off balance and in retreat.  Klitschko landed sharp one-two combinations throughout the first three rounds. The jabs landed at will and jarred Wach with each connect. The right hands were landing, but seemed to be taken well by Wach, a theme that endured throughout the fight.  Round four changed the tone a bit, as Wach started to move his head and pursue the champion, but that only lead to more opportunities for Klitschko’s right.  There was high drama toward the end of round five when Wach shook Klitschko with a right hand that had Klitschko holding on for the rest of the round. New Klitschko trainer Johnathan Banks remained calm during the break, just as Banks' mentor, the late Emanuel Steward would have.  Wach could not put any additional heat on Klitschko during the next round and the fight reverted back to form with Klitschko's jab controlling the fight. Round seven was of a testament to the chin of Wach, who took some right hands that would have floored most heavyweights.  Wach entered the eighth in retreat and continued with the flawed strategy of stooping down and attempting to use head movement. The ploy was not effective. A prolonged barrage from Klitschko had Wach in serious trouble with 45 seconds to go, but referee Eddie Cotton let the fight continue and Wach survived, although the round could have been scored 10-8 for Klitschko, even without a knockdown. The pace slowed after that, as Klitschko tired from throwing so many punches through eight rounds, and Wach tired from the prolonged beating. Round eleven started with Klitschko hurting Wach again within the first 30 seconds. Wach weathered the storm, which lead to Klitschko doing an impression of Muhammad Ali by dancing around with his hands down, using head movement and controlling the fight with his pinpoint jab. The fight came to a close with Klitschko continuing to use his superior foot speed and jab to cruise to the easy unanimous decision victory. Official scores were 120-107 (twice) and 119-109. Statistics had Klitschko outlanding Wach 274 punches to 60. The champion landed 40% of his punches while challenger landed only 19%. Klitschko moves to 59-3 as he has now defended the heavyweight championship 13 times (Klitschko holds all but the WBC belts), which puts him third in total defenses behind Larry Holmes (20) and Joe Louis (25). Wach suffers his first defeat and falls to 27-1. source: epix 

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