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November 03, 2012

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Hey Breadman,
It's been a while since I've written in, but I still read you all the time.
I love what you do bruh. I just wanted to send this article to you to see
what you think of this. Other than the fact it kind of puts the judges in
plan few of what could sometimes be rowdy or unruly fans I think this could
work. Check it out and let me know what you think.
Rich from DC
Breadís Response: I love the concept. Joe Cortez is on to something. Elevated Seating for the judges. Awesome. If you think about it, thatís why stadium seating rises as you move further away. I love that concept. I would also like to add that no judge should do more than 3 fights in a row. This wears a judge out to have to sit there and be ďalertĒ for fight after fight.

Commissions are always taking out fees for something. There should be enough money to go around to alternate judges. Itís difficult for someone to sit in a chair, be focused on every move of an event for hours on hours and not make a mistake. Think about that for a second. I have seen events where the same 3 judges had to score like 8 fights in a row. Ridiculous.



B what good bro. RIP to Emmanuel Stewart he was definitely a GOAT. I have been keeping up with the bread on a regular, You have slowed down my man. I used to count on at least 3 post a week now you got me checking everyday only to get one, two maybe. Just wanted to get a couple of thoughts from you.
Where does Lopez go from here. He was recently reinstated but it seems like his luster is gone, I know you can always come back but if you where his trainer how would you bring him back and what things would you have to correct immediately? Do you think he should seek Salido again in the future? For some reason I still think that's a winnable fight with some adjustments.
You know how how I feel about the "Ghost". I don't dislike him but its something about a fighter talking bigger than he is that irritates me. I will say that this fight could change my opinion of him. I feel that he has really underestimated Berto. I might have given him a chance if this fight would have happened a year ago but I expect one of the best Berto's we have seen in a while. How do you see this fight playing out?
I don't know if you have been asked or if you have just refused to answer but what do you make of the whole 50vsMoney beef. I think 50 is dirt. He has no loyalty to anything. If you look at all his pass relationships I have not found one person he has remained loyal to. He always has a motive. My question when the whole thing was announced is "Why". Money is the biggest draw in boxing. He makes more money than any other fighter. He already has a promotional company so what did 50 really bring to the table? Just wanted your thoughts on the whole situation.
Whats up with Dirrell he is know spring chicken so why is he not fighting. He had the comeback fight and looked really good why hasn't he fought anymore.
Lastly this cat Amir Monsur is he any good. I have read a couple of interviews from him and he talked like he was one of the next big things but after looking him up on boxing rec I realized he is not even in the top 20 at heavyweight.
How do you see a fight with Danny Garcia and Bronner playing out?
Breadís Response: I can still kick out 3 or 4 if Iím not away training the week of a fight. I just havenít been getting good emails. I think sometimes my followers read but not always comment. Iíve been holding out to get some good material.

I think Juan Ma Lopez is on the other side of the road. Those Salido fights were rough on him. Everytime Juan Ma was hit by Salido he did something funny. The dude is dead game and he fights like a dog but his punch resistance is looking really low these days. I donít know. Maybe the rest helped him, letís wait and see. I wouldnít put him in against a puncher right away.
I think Berto beats Guerrero to the punch. Berto is the more explosive, fast twitch athlete and I believe it will count in this fight. I think Berto has some flaws but Iím not sure if Guerrero can take advantage of them. Berto has every advantage over Guerrero for the exception of sustained stamina but I donít think he will need it this fight. We shall see but thatís my prediction.

I have been asked about this 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather fall out but I havenít answered just yet. Let me say this once and leave it where it is. I donít do interviews much anymore for 2 reasons. One is I am in the game and I want people to be able to talk to me freely without thinking I will write about it. Two is, these boxing figures are so spoiled they think they can say anything to you without you challenging them on the truth. You have websites that literally let these guys do 5 minute false rants and they disguise them as interviews. I donít get down like that. So I will stick with my mailbag.

I bring this up because we will never get the truth behind 50 and Floydís fall out and I frankly donít care. We will only get rants about who is right or wrong, but they wonít get asked pertinent questions for clarity.

As for the situation itself I think itís a SHAME if itís true. But it could be a publicity stunt. But if it itís true I think itís sad whenever two people that close have public fallouts. Itís actually none of OUR business and I personally donít get off on that kind of negativity. I think as close friends they have secrets that they divulged to each other. I think 50 is sort of poking at Floyd, while Floyd is taking the high road thus far. I think if Floyd goes back at 50 then all kinds of dirty laundry will get aired, which is terrible. Best homies should never do that to each other.

I donít know who is right or wrong and I donít care. Itís just bad all the way around in my opinion. And this will be the last time I talk about this. I like to stay on boxing, not the reality gossip of peopleís personal lives.

Andre Direll hasnít fought because he has behind the scenes issues with his team. I know he left Gary Shaw and Al Haymon. And from what I understand he is in the middle of the beef between 50 and Floyd. I hope he gets his career on track, because he can be a great fighter.

I know Amir Mansour personally he trains in Philly. Heís a beast bro. Strong as an ox and stamina for days. He just has problems in the streets and unfortunately it could cost him his career. If he had a PUSH he could be a big problem but his age and legal situations will probably keep people from dealing with himÖ. I hope he gets right.

Garcia and Broner could be a superfight in 2014. I donít think itís a coincidence Broner is fighting in AC in two weeks. I wonít make a pick yet because itís too far away. Too much can happen between now and then.



Hi Bread!  I want to say that unlike many people, I actually look forward to see the fourth fight btw PAC and JMM.  Here is why.  I think this time around, the mind set of the two fighters are different.  Marquez has the recipe but cannot get the nod.  So although what he does in the ring works at dominating some rounds, it is not enough to win the fights.  Marquez is a very cleaver fighter.  Will he just do exactly the same thinking that surely they can't give another close decision to PAC?  Will he take the matter in his hands, roll the dice and be first more often instead of counter punching?  We already know that Pacquiao doesn't think he'll get a decision this time unless he is dominant.  So will he change his game plan, or just do more of what he did in the previous fights?  Will he change the punch selection that made him miss many shot and paid a dear price?  Will he starts his attacks from closer range so he doesn't have to step 2-3 times before unloading?  Although we can't expect a totally different fight from the 3 others, I believe this one has the effect of forcing the two fighters to rethink a few things and I believe that the fighters who will "innovate" a little might get the advantage as everybody expect exactly the same fight as before.  My guess is I cannot see JMM fighting a better fight than the 4th one.  He was exceptional, strong and sharp.  What he'll try to do though is be a bit more agressive.  I think Pacman will try to fight at a little closer range as he wants the ko.  Even if I scored the 3rd fight for Pacman, I believe he is the one who needs a few adjustments.  He can't keep missing with the left hand on top.  When he does, his balance is gone and it gets messy.  I know it's early for you to break down the fight for reasons you explained in the past but I am curious if you see the difference in the scenario of this fight.  Keep up the good work and good luck with Porter in December!
Mike Lafleur
Breadís Response: Thanks bro, Porter is looking great. I actually think Pac/Marquez 4 will be an entertaining fight. All 3 were. I think the dissatisfying part is that none of the fights were conclusive. We want one of them to knock the other out. I know I do.

I think both fighters need to make adjustments and I think youíre right the burden is on Pacquiao. Although they are both great fighters as a whole Pacquiao is perceived as slightly greater. People expect him to beat Marquez but he doesnít convincingly. I think Freddie Roach needs to put his everything in a solid game plan and execution. There can be no ďwe had a game plan but Manny didnít executeĒ. Many has to execute.
I think Martquez will also be more aggressive this fight. As good as he fights PAcquiao, he fights him like a cat than a dog. I will explain that later in a video or story. I think this fight will end in ko. One more thing itís very surprising to me no one is asking for drug test in this fightÖ. Ask me why laterÖÖ.



What's good Bread Man! It's Sean from NYC again. Loving the mailbag Fam but I have to respectfully disagree with you on the Rios vs Alvarado stoppage. Alvarado was hurt in the previous round & I don't think he fully recovered. When Bam Bam caught him again in the next round, he was totally in survival mode & wasn't returning punches or clinching. A few times his dome rocked back & he looked to the ref for help it seemed. Was it premature, possibly but I'd rather the ref use caution & stop it at that point then Alvarado become damaged goods.

On a positive note we might get to see a rematch of them. I sent an a question a while back about Charley Burley vs The G.O.A.T. Sugar Ray Robinson. I've watched the footage with Oakland Billy Smith & Burley was a slick fighter. Maybe too slick for the G.OA.T. even lol. He was rolling punches, used a beautiful jab & he could crack. I think Robinson would've hand his hands full with Burley & would've lost by decision IMO. I wish there was more footage like that even though Burley wasn't in his prime when he fought Smith it was amazing to watch the guy. As you know, Burley is the same cat that beat Archie Moore & easily according to all of the reports I read. It's a damn shame he didn't fight for the title.

I wanna know what you think!

Breadís Response: Sean you are actually agreeing with me bro. You are admitting it was premature. I didnít say it was the worst stoppage ever, but it was early. Especially for a guy like Alvarado who has showed he has excellent recuperative powers in a fight I thought he was winning. Being hurt and being helpless are two different thingsÖ

I think youíre in the mood to argue today bro. Every once in a while I get an email saying Burley was better than Robinson or Pryor was better than Leonard or McCallum was better than Hagler. None of the three are true.

Burley was a tremendous fighter no doubt about it. He had it all. Without proper footage you have to analyze some of his opponents and the outcomes of those scraps to fully assess Burley. No doubt in my mind he is one of the top 50 or 60 fighters to ever live. I truly believe that.

But sometimes individuals get sensationalized when they donít get a chance or their career gets cut short. First off letís dispel the rumors. Robinson didnít duck Burley. For some reason people make Robinson out to be this privileged fighter because he wasnít part of Black Murdererís Row. He really wasnít. Robinson is one of the only fighters ever to win Fighter of the year and not be a champion. He did so in 1942. He also didnít get a title shot until his 76th fight, and 6 years into his career. Think about that.

So while the fighters of the Black Murdererís Row were screwed around royally it wasnít Ray Robinson who screwed them around. It was the behind the scenes politics of boxing and WWII. If you look close at all of the champions around 1941. Their titles were frozen until around 1946. Look at Joe Louisís reign especially. He made most of his 25 title defenses before 1941. There is a reason for that.

So while Burley was waiting for a title shot so was Ray Robinson. Here is another fact. The members of Row were all older than Robinson. Burley was 4 years older. And most of them were heavier. Burley was a full fledged middleweight when Robinson was just going up to 147. Robinson started out at lightweight.

Sean you must do your research before you write me. The most important thing pertaining to this duck theory is Robinson was welterweight champion from 46-51.  Burley was a middleweight during this time. Robinson became middleweight champion in 1951. Burley retired in 1950. There was NO duck. A date doesnít lie. Now he couldíve fought him in a non title catchweight or over the weight fight but that wouldnít qualify as a duck in any era.

As for the fight itself I think Robinson is too fast and too dynamic of a puncher for Burley. If you go by the footage of Burleyís fight with Billy Smith then you have a preconceived notion that you want Burley to beat Robinson. Smith was a slow lumbering fighter who was easy work for Burley. A Merqui Sosa , Iran Barkley type, no disrespect to those warriors. But Robinson would have knocked Billy Smithís head off of his shoulders. I think a fighter like Burley gets devalued because they are not as dynamic as some.

For instance if Holyfield and Tyson never fought we would assume as a majority that Tyson beats him. I get that. But Robinson has all the inner qualities Burley has and heís a better puncher, and faster of both foot and hands. I honestly think it would be a similar fight to Jones/Hopkins 1. Competitive but clear.

Burley did beat Archie Moore. But he also couldnít do much with a green Ezzard Charles who was Robinsonís exact age. He also had loads of trouble with Holman Williams the member of the row who fought most like Robinson. Sorry but I donít think any man who has ever lived that weighs naturally 154lbs on down could beat Ray Robinson at his peak.

The four guys who scratched around near 160 who could possibly beat him head to head would be Sam Langford. He could freaking fight heavyweights for crying out loud. Roy Jones who was a huge super middleweight in the day before weigh in era. He could also fight heavyweights. And Harry Greb who was probably a top 10 lightheavyweight he just never won the title and is probably the best middleweight ever.. All of these men possessed ungodly type of physicality and all were much bigger than Robinson although at times in their careers they competed at similar weights. Iím not saying they could beat him but Iím saying I could see them beating him. No disrespect to Mr. Burley but I canít see him beating the best fighter who ever lived on his best night.

The physicality in the match up would belong to Robinson. Heís faster than Burley, a harder puncher and equal to him in boxing ability. On top of that Burley fights off his back foot and Robinson is tallerÖÖ Seriously broÖ..


What's good Bread? Struggling out here in Lower Manhattan after a tough evening with Sandy. Missed you in BK was sitting a few rows behind Garcia's corner. Watched the all time great Erik Morales get twisted worse than a tornado. I think the mailbag has been missing a solid piece on retirement in the sport of boxing. Talk about a topic! Compared to most sports, boxing must be one of the coldest sports in the game for its athletes. With no "players association", financial seminars,lucrative endorsements, retirement pension plans..most cats are left out to dry if they didn't invest wisely. The greatest fighters to ever live not only blew hundreds of millions, they ran their legacies through the mud in an attempt to maintain relevance. Few have succeeded in staying retired, but most have failed. As an ex-D1 basketball player, I can understand the mindset in those who struggle to stay out of the ring. If you've been the man in the bright lights, signed autographs and had all the fly dimes trying to holla, its hard to hang it up, unless you've got serious money in the bank or a successful business. Tyson, Holyfield, Roy, Hatton, the list goes on. How do you feel about the fight game's lack of a true retirement plan, and are the fighters and/or the promoters to blame for refusing to hang up the gloves and call it a successful career?? DJ from NYC.
Breadís Response: This may sound cruel but I blame the fighters. Granted there is no structure to secure fighters a proper retirement, but that doesnít mean a fighter canít pay his taxes and into his Social Security. That doesnít mean that when they get 7 figure paydays they canít buy annuities that will secure them for their entire lives. Fighters who are not privileged to financial investments or simply donít trust anyone can put their dam money in the bank.

I donít make excuses. I make it happen. Bernard Hopkins, Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya had no problem making it happen. Why do guys like Holyfield, Tyson and Mayweather go broke. Because of lack of discipline and foresight. The money doesnít come forever.

Now I do think fighters should have pensions, health benefits and unions. But they donít so they have to make a way. Adapt and overcome until the structure gets better. No excuses.
The fighter is the blame for not hanging it up on time. Nobody else. Lots of times they need the money and because of ignorance and lack of discipline they fight well past it. Other times itís because of lack of acceptance. The addiction to the attention and pride. Either way the boxing ring is a truth machine and if you fight too long you will pay dearly.



Just wanted to say that your response about Thomas Dulorme, and the mid major promoters, and how they survive, was one of the best reponses to a question in the history of your mailbag. It wasnít as ďjuicyĒ as answering a question about, say, when are Floyd and Manny going to fight, but it was extremely informative. My friend and I used to say that we agree with everything Manny Steward used to say on his HBO broadcasts (we actually drove from Lubbock, TX to Vegas to watch Tyson vs. Bruno II in 1996, and took a great pic with Emanuel), and I can honestly say I think I agree with just about everything you say. Lifelong boxing fan, and actually have been training in boxing for 6 years (figured I couldnít really know everything until I got in there myself), just because I always wanted to learn how to Ďboxí, not Ďfightí, necessarily.
Anyway, always enjoy the mailbag. I follow you on facebook so thanks for accepting my friend request. I think one day people will be talking about you as a trainer/manager boxing insider, as we do about now about Emanuel Steward.
Thanks, big fan, keep it up!
Breadís Response: Thanks bro. You can also follow me on Twitter @ Breadmanboxing.

Yes Mr. Steward was the truth and he will be greatly missedÖÖÖ





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