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November 02, 2012


Edited Press Release: According to Sauerland Event, the WBA has stripped its regular champion at super middleweight because "Karoly Balszay was unable to defend the belt due to medical reasons." [The belt was pretty maeningless anyway as the WBA also recognizes Andre Ward as the super champion, but Balszay did defend the title as recently as six months ago]. The WBA's interim title holder [yes, the WBA had three champions in one weight class] Brian Magee has replaced Balszay as regular  champion after. Magee won the interim title in July 2011 and defended it against Rudy Markussen in February 2012. The WBA also announced that after Magee defends against Mikkel Kessler, Ward will be ordered to defend against the winner of that bout within six months after Magee-Kessler on December 8th.

Kessler was thrilled about the news. “I did not think it was possible to be more motivated to beat Magee and become [regular] champion again on December 8th but now I have found a reason,” he stated. “Andre Ward knows that he owes me a rematch [Ward, the true world champion at 168, defated Kessler in 2011]. That was not the real Viking Warrior in the ring on that night. I was at my best against Froch and Allan Green and I will be at my best against Magee. Now I just have to regain my title on December 8th and then we will have the rematch. Ward had better get ready.”

Said Kessler's promoter Kalle Sauerland: “This makes the Magee clash Mikkel's most important fight ever. Ever since that dubious night in Oakland where Mikkel suffered cuts only from elbows and headbutts, he has wanted nothing more than a Ward rematch on even terms. Now if he can reclaim
the world championship against Magee, and that´s a big if because Magee is an accomplished fighter, we will finally have the rematch.”

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