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August 03, 2012

By Michael Walters

Alvarez, Bundrage claim they have bigger fish to fry

Austin Trout thought that his fight with Delvin Rodriguez would be his coming out party. Instead, the fight was a so dull that even an easy win over Rodriguez may have been a setback for the WBA  154-pound regular titleholder [Floyd Mayweather is the WBA 154-pound super champion]. There was talk before the fight that Trough may have been in the running for a fight against the wildly popular WBC 154-pound champion, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

The Rodriguez fight, which Trout won easily, didn’t win the Las Cruces, NM native any new fans and he actually believes that it hurt him. “In the public’s view I think that (lackluster performance) hurt me for me for the Canelo fight,” said Trout. Although, the Alvarez fight is off the table for time being, as Alvarez is signed to fight Josesito Lopez, Trout doesn’t really believe he was ever actually in the running for the fight. “I knew that they (Golden Boy Promotions) were not going to give me the fight in the beginning. I think they were just throwing my name around, I don’t think they were ever serious”.

More recently there had been talk of a unification bout between Trout and his IBF counterpart, Cornelius “K9” Bundrage. As late as last week, Trout was under the impression that a fight with “K9” would take place on the 8th or 15th of September, but according to a recent report by's Ryan Burton those negotiations seem to be off as Bundrage surpisingly says he has no interest in fighting Trout. 

It looks as though now Trout may take a much lesser fight by possibly facing former Contender reality show participant Jimmy Lange in what could be a non-title bout.  Lange is a huge draw in Fairfax, Va. and attracts upwards of 5000 fans regularly for his fights at the George Mason Patriot Center, but he hasn’t fought anyone of merit in recent years. 

Lange, already has a date reserved at the Patriot Center on October 27th  and according to his publicist Brian Bishop, “Jimmy would love a fight to fight Trout for his title”. 

Trout would prefer that a fight with Lange be a ten-round stay busy fight, but that if he has to he is willing to put his title on the line. “If I have to put up my belt to get a fight I’ll do it. That was the whole point of me getting the belt was to get fights”.

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