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May 02, 2012

By John McCormick

Miguel Cotto (37-2 with 30 KOs) is just days away from stepping into the ring against Floyd “Money” Mayweather (42-0 with 26 KOs). Cotto usually lets his fists do the talking but this time, he's telling the world he intends to beat Mayweather this Saturday night and the win will be clear for everyone to see.

“I’ll beat him on May 5. Then I will rest a few weeks and discuss boxing with my team again. I’ll be victorious. My preparations will get me a victory, whether by knockout or decision. There will be no confusion. I’ll put forward my best effort. I’ve been working since early February” said Cotto during a media conference call.

Before signing to fight Mayweather, there were rumors that Cotto was attempting to negotiate a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, whom Cotto lost to via twelfth round technical knockout in November 2009. However, the negotiations with Pacquiao fell apart when Cotto refused to come down to 147 pounds to fight him and Pacquiao refused to go up to 154 pounds to fight Cotto.

Cotto went on to say “He’s (Mayweather) fighting at my weight and he had to do that to fight me. It’s my division and I’m most comfortable here. Yes, we did try to reach out to Pacquiao, but we had had more than one reason to go for Mayweather instead of Pacquiao. The negotiations were easier this way and now we have a fight.”

One of the most intriguing parts of the build-up to this Saturday’s fight comes in the form of Pedro Diaz, Miguel Cotto’s trainer. Diaz, who helped Cotto develop the game plan used to defeat Antonio Margarito in their rematch last December, is very outspoken and confident about his ability to take Cotto to a victory this Saturday. Cotto shares the same confidence that his trainer does and is very content with the work that has been done with Diaz up until this point. Cotto went on to claim “He (Diaz) came from Cuba and we tried to talk to him a few years ago after we left Evangelista. He talked to us just a bit at first because he didn’t feel he was ready for professional boxing. He has so much knowledge of the sport. He told me that he wasn’t here to give me new things. He told me his main purpose was to make me feel like the Miguel of old. That’s what you’ll see on May 5th.”

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