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March 19, 2012

By John McCormick

JM: Amir, on May 19th you and Lamont Peterson will be facing off in a rematch in Las Vegas [that Khan controversially lost due to two point deductions from the referee]. What type of adjustments are you looking to make in the rematch?

Amir Khan: “We know that we won the first fight. It wasn’t a matter of not coming in on my A game. I may have made a few mistakes but I am confident that I am going to win this second fight convincingly. I know I was the winner in the first fight. If he wants to stand in there and fight, we are going to stand in there and fight. If he wants to box with me, I am going to box. It is going to be a toe to toe fight and it is going to be exciting. I am going to use all of my speed, power and feints. In the last fight I feel I gave him too much respect but I am going to make some good changes for this fight.”

JM: I just talked to your trainer Freddie Roach a few days ago. He said you would be training with Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines for this fight. When is that set to begin?

Amir Khan: “I am heading to the Philippines on Thursday to train with Freddie and work with Manny.”

JM: I have heard that you will be submitting to Olympic-style drug testing for this fight. Will Lamont Peterson be submitting to that as well?

Amir Khan: “Yes, I am doing the Olympic Style Drug Testing for this fight. Yes, I believe Lamont will be doing it as well.”

JM: How do you feel about the whole drug testing debate in boxing?

Amir Khan: “I like it. I am a clean fighter so I want to prove it and show that I am not hiding anything. I believe all fighters should do it. Anything I am told, I will do it.”

JM: What did you think of Kell Brook’s victory over Matthew Hatton this weekend?  Do you see a possible Khan-Brook showdown once you move up to welterweight? [Brook is Britain's top prospect one weight division above the junior welterweight Khan]

Amir Khan: “He needs to prove himself and fight a fighter that is in his prime. Fight a fighter that is in the top ten at least. He is fighting all these bums and not proving himself. I am fighting the best in my division and he is not doing that. Why should I give him a shot? He needs to prove himself and step into the ring and fight some big names. The guys that I have fought like Marcos Maidana, Andreas Kotelnik, Lamont Peterson and Zab Judah would beat him. If we did fight him now, I would knock him out. It may take a couple more years for him to get ready for me so maybe we will be able to visit that in the future.”

JM: Win or lose on May 19th, is this your last fight at junior welterweight?

Amir Khan: “Yes, after this I will be moving up to 147.”

JM: Give us a prediction for May 19th.

Amir Khan: “We are going to win using an explosive style and it will be a fight not to miss. Even if I win by knockout, I want to make sure that the fight is exciting and good for the fans. We just want to win the titles back and we will.”

JM: Any closing thoughts for the fans?

Amir Khan: “I love all of my fans, they are very supportive. I want to thank all of them for showing all of the support and love that they show. You can follow me on twitter @AmirKingKhan. I want to be the people’s champion. Come May 19th, I want all my fans to be smiling and be happy.”

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