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March 11, 2012

By The Nonpareil Hilario

Many people these days repeat the myth that Floyd Mayweather is the best defensive fighter in the past 25 years.   Previously, we have documened how Mr. Mayweather has deliberately avoided top names and challenges in boxing since 1999 (see   Reading this article can educate the reader to realize this myth is a verbal plague and that spreading it discredits true fistic marvels within the same time frame. 

In 1983 Roberto Duran challenged Marvelous Marvin Hagler at middleweight for the lineal crown, just as Henry Armstrong did against Ceferino Garcia in 1940.  Like Mayweather, these men were lightweights turned welterweights turned middleweights.   The comparisons end there.   I say this because the best marquee name after Manny Pacquiao, that was viable, is Sergio Martinez, not Mayweather's next opponent, Miguel Cotto.  Martinez is the true world middleweight champion and a threatening southpaw that is not only willing to face Mayweather, but would shed some weight to do so.   Unfortunately “Maravilla” doesn’t give Mayweather the assurance that “he can win” and therefore he was denied or never considered.   Always keep in mind that Floyd only fights those he is 1000% sure he can beat.  Sugar Ray Leonard wasn’t “sure” he could beat Thomas Hearns in 1981 and vice versa. They needed to find out; therefore they had the audacity and will to prove it. Leonard succeeded and became pound-for-pound champion that day.  This is where my case gets misconstrued by folks.   I’m not against Floyd.  But I dislike his deception like banks dislike counterfeit checks.  A true pound for pounder walks the line of uncertainty.  Floyd does not and never has.  He is the Milli Vanilli of boxing today.

Recently, during the Cotto press tour to promote their May 5th clash, Mayweather continued defrauding the public by insisting he isn’t fighting Miguel at a “catchweight” like Pacquiao did.  He should’ve accepted Martinez’ challenge because the junior middleweight division where Cotto-Mayweather will be contested is in reality a catchweight itself.  All the junior divisions were created for catchweight purposes by racketeer alphabet [dis]organizations.   Mayweather said this to indirectly insult Pacquiao, who at the very least is fighting an undefeated younger challenger in Timothy Bradley in June.   Over the years these junior divisions [and belts] have created a cesspool of confusion within Boxiana.

You see folks, I write because I’m passionate about the integrity within Boxiana and its prestigious history.   I’m a product of Stillman’s Gym therefore I live and breathe the University of Eighth Avenue. Anyone giving Peter Pan Mayweather validity is drinking toilet water because they're speaking verbal diarrhea.   Honor the sport you write on behalf of and have respect for your own name as the writer, editor or commentator at the very least.   It’s easy for writers, websites or TV executives who never fought to promote Floyd’s deception.  Doing so is an indication that they don’t empathize with the risk of life and limb real fighters take when accepting threatening challenges.  The January article linked above demonstrates Mayweather’s reluctance [since 1999].   By winning without facing the very best, it becomes easy to perpetuate Floyd’s illusion.  Mayweather is a great showman and a manager, who happens to be good at boxing.   His professional boxing record proves this.  The aforementioned article would never have been written if he stayed humble and didn’t begin deceiving the public by stating he is “better” than Muhammad Ali because Ali had five losses, or that he’s “better” than Sugar Ray Robinson because Robinson had 19 losses.   Blasphemous remarks of icons who paved the way for his and our opportunities should not be tolerated!   I didn’t take it serious at first, but now that he’s hypnotized the masses, I have to defend Boxiana.   Had he stayed quiet and didn’t pretend to be King Kong, no one would mind, myself included. 

When I was a bank teller years ago, I used to get fraud alert messages to keep me and my colleagues from cashing counterfeit checks from area bandits.  Some alerts came with photos of the culprit(s).  Here is your fraud alert on writers and television networks continuing to defraud the public with the upcoming Mayweather event.   Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Cotto has a man’s chance of defeating Floyd from my optimistic perspective because he is fighting for the memory of his deceased father and Puerto Rico.   He’s almost four years younger, he’s exercised the Antonio Margarito demon and he’s a man’s man.   Mayweather, on the other hand, is 35 and has fought irregularly over the years.   He also fights for?  We’d have to think about what drives Floyd, other than the company of hangers-on, a zero on his record and believing his own deception?

Suppose Mayweather is the real deal?  He’s wasted many years not proving it.  Therefore his gifts are equivalent to the opponent of that day.  Like the version of Shane Mosley he fought and choosing the likes of Victor Ortiz.  People that say he’s an exceptional talent are those that purchase cheap suits and mask it with expensive cologne.   The verdict is still out on Floyd.   For now he’s a carefully maneuvered Bruce Seldon, with a very good jab, good balance and a million dollar smile.  The reason Mayweather has never carried boxing like Hagler, Leonard or Oscar De La Hoya is because he’s never accepted top challenges.  

His shoulder roll defense shouldn’t be compared to James Toney’s [although its similar] because he hasn't tested it against the likes of Vassily Jirov/ Kostya Tszyu or a chiseled Hasim Rahman / Margarito 2006 or a puncher in Sam Peter/Mosley 99’ or 09’.   If Floyd were a heavyweight he’d fight Fres Oquendo/Henry Bruseles and Jeremy Williams/Ortiz.   If he were a cop he [or Al Haymon] would find out what days Bonny or Clyde were robbing banks so he could call in sick.   Then the myth would become; when Floyd is patrolling the streets the criminals take the day off.

It’s a shame that and many other pundits have Mayweather as their second best pound for pound boxer.  A boxer who’s missed eleven peers since 1999, a carpet ride that has performed 3 times in four years.  The latest sighting versus Ortiz ended in chicanery.  The Mosley bout is credible, although it should be taken into serious consideration that he by passed Mosley for Juan Manuel Marquez.  Again, a true pound for pounder accepts the uncertainty to convince self by fighting the top threats.  

The Marquez bout is an overlooked blunder.  Here’s why, on May 2, 2009 the day of Pacquiao versus Ricky Hatton bout. Copperfield Mayweather announced a comeback for September of the same year.   On this date Mosley, Pacquiao, Martinez, Paul Williams, Winky Wright and Andre Berto would have made themselves available for the Mayweather sweepstakes.   Other less popular welterweights in the top ten that day were Joshua Clottey, Jan Zaveck and Luis Collazo.   Floyd chose the smaller less threatening Marquez to hypnotize the public that “he can beat Pacquiao”.  The reason is Juan was at the time 0-1-1 against Manny, and the ever present topic of, did Juan deserve the victory over Pacquiao in either fight?  Floyd hoped that a win [hope in Floyd’s mind means “I can win” he needs that assurance before signing a contract] will create the illusion in the public’s mind that he in fact can beat Manny.  

It worked, but not with me.  And you shouldn’t let it fool you either.  Choosing Marquez is equivalent to Hagler fighting Curtis Parker rather than the dangerous Hearns in April 1985.  Mayweather walked down the aisle with a clear weight advantage by asking Juan to gain ten pounds, while he never reserved plans to weigh in on the contracted catch weight of 144.  Remember Floyd was fined 600k for failing to make weight by two pounds.  He scoffed at the fans, disrespected Juan and enhanced his no class persona by insulting all of you that bow or buy into him.

So let’s be specific, how can David Blaine Mayweather be number two on the pound-for-pound list today when he continues to avoid viable challenges?  He competes versus a smaller man, cheats in the process while amassing two and a half bouts in four years.  The answer is  simple – today’s writers are repeating fallacies.   We might as well ask middle school 13 year olds to rank boxing divisions with crayons.   The article linked above clearly demonstrates without bias Floyd Joy Mayweather Junior -- was never pound for pound!   I am man enough to admit it, secure enough to write about it and intelligent enough to promote it because it’s true.  

I always knew that he was the new Roy Jones as far as managerial skills.   I stopped caring for Jones after he defeated Toney in 1994.  It was then I noticed his air balloon confidence to compete against postal workers, math teachers and police officers rather than give Bernard Hopkins or Toney a rematch, go to Germany to fight Dariusz Michalczewski or at best invite Nigel Benn, Stevie Collins or Chris Eubanks and the likes, to the US.  [Roy mimicked Leonard’s motive to not fight outside of the US because Leonard’s loss to Duran in Montreal prompted him to do so. Jones followed suit because he was robbed in Seoul, Korea]

Collectively today 95% of boxing supporters forgot Jones’ façade.  Not me!  I won’t bring shame to Joe Louis, Willie Pep or Archie Moore’s legacies.   I won’t disgrace Charley Burley and the Black Murderer’s Row's countless denied opportunities, that today’s spoiled athletes urinate on by duping the public for maximum reward-low risk performances.  Then they expect similar respect, status or moniker.   It’s the same with rappers, who over the years sell the Nword as a term of “endearment”, while their ancestors heard it last being lynched.  Pardon me but I hear the toilet flushing again.

I will be proactive and provide brake fluid for the same “pundits” [that rank Floyd high without having an honorable criterion in place] regarding Canelo Alvarez and Adrien Broner to remember Chuck Davey.  So far, these two are good TV hypes.  Yes, they have potential, but we need to wait and see until after 45 plus fights.  I’ll be looking for progress in science, geometry, and art and opponent selection.  I remain firm, unbiased and old school. 

Julio Cesar Chavez Junior has tallied 45 bouts in eight years and is tentatively scheduled to fight Andy Lee in June, although many would like to see Martinez in the opposite corner.  I say stick with the Andy Lees for another ten to fifteen bouts. Grow within Boxiana, become Hagler and Pops rolled into one, so you will belong at the top when you get there [as both legends did].  All I’m suggesting is hone the many facets of your craft rather than Peter McNeeley your way to the top.

The best defensive fighters of the past 25 years with longevity are Pernell Whitaker, Toney and Hopkins. Their record substantiates this notion clearly.  Without longevity Chris Byrd and Cory Spinks also come to mind.  Byrd for demonstrating his illusory versus the Klitschko brothers back-to-back and David Tua, finishing 2-1, and Jinx for toppling Ricardo Mayorga and, in my opinion, squeaking past Jermain Taylor (although Spinks didn’t get the official nod). Nonetheless the challenges were met and artistry displayed while these adversaries were threats.  Both Byrd and Spinks were smaller and light hitters at their respective weight classes but they also dared to be great.  We need to praise and rank audacity, risk and success, not flamboyancy and manipulative matchmaking. 

The Petronelli Athletic Club is officially defunct.  My mission over the years to turn the gym into a functioning museum failed, perhaps their eighties legacy that impacted Brockton MA, boxing and the world is too distant for today’s city officials?  I’m honored that my son and I honed our jabs, pivots and feints at Petronelli A.C.  They never charged us and many others a dime to shelter from negativity while carving a better tomorrow.  I’ll miss that place forever.  Folks, this gymnasium was were Marvin trained for his entire championship reign (1980-1987).

I love you Bert Lytell, Springs Toledo did a masterful, detailed and belated eulogy on you good brother. We miss you so much.

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