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February 24, 2012

By John McCormick

JM: Manny, what do you think of Timothy Bradley as a fighter? Manny Pacquiao: “I consider this fight as one of the toughest of my career. Timothy Bradley is undefeated, he is strong, he can punch, and his body is bigger than mine. I think we can give boxing fans a great fight.”

JM: Bradley likes to come forward for the most part, was that part of the reasoning behind choosing him as your next opponent?
Manny Pacquiao: “Exactly, that is exactly why I chose him to be my opponent and I am sure it will be a great fight.”

JM: During the press conference you mentioned that his head-butts may be an issue. How would you go about preparing for that?
Manny Pacquiao: “Yes, I have enough time to come up with a strategy where I can avoid head-butts. I can train to avoid his head-butts. Timothy Bradley is not a dirty fighter, I don’t think the head-butts are intentional but it just his style.”

JM: How many more fights do you see yourself having before hanging the gloves up?
Manny Pacquiao: “Maybe another two or three fights. My kid, the youngest one is eleven years old and he told me that he wants me to retire. He said but before you retire, I want you to fight Mayweather and beat him, then retire. Even my kids want to see me fight him.”

JM: What was the real reasoning behind a fight between you and Floyd Mayweather falling apart this time?
Manny Pacquiao: “The real reason is he doesn’t want to fight. Maybe not this time but some other time he will want to fight. Hopefully we will fight before I retire, but I am hoping for a fight with him in November. I spoke to Floyd last month when he called me in the Philippines. I told him that I wanted to make the fight happen with a split of 50/50 and whatever your requests are for blood testing will be done as long as you agree with 50/50. He told me that he would give me a certain guaranteed amount and no pay-per-view money for me. After that I got off the phone. As long as I am in boxing there is hope that the fight can happen someday.”

JM: I recall an article back in December stating that you would be willing to take 40 percent of the revenue. Was there any truth to that article, and if so why did you change your mind and ask for 50% when the negotiations started again?
Manny Pacquiao: “No, I never said that I would take 40 perecent. I have always said 50 percent of the revenue”

JM: Since you fought Oscar De La Hoya in December of 2008 and made a big splash in the junior welterweight and welterweight divisions, who has your toughest opponent been? What was the most gratifying victory?
Manny Pacquiao: “Miguel Cotto. I say Miguel Cotto because after five rounds, it was still an even fight. He kept up well.”

JM: So, you’re saying Miguel Cotto was a tougher fight for you than Juan Manuel Marquez? Because it certainly didn’t appear so.
Manny Pacquiao: “Yes, Cotto was a tougher fight.”

JM: In closing, off the top of your head are there any other names that you see yourself fighting at 147 pounds besides Floyd Mayweather and Timothy Bradley?
Manny Pacquiao: “No, I can’t think of one” (laughs)'

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