Hot Rod Kalajdzic on Beterbiev Fight: It won't go the distance

By G. Leon


Greg Leon: Congrats on landing your first world title fight. You'll be facing undefeated IBF light heavyweight champion Artur Beterbiev on May 4th...  tell us all about it. Radivoje Kalajdzic: "I'm very excited and I'm going to be ready to get it on on May 4th. I'm going to be prepared and ready to go all twelve rounds. Beterbiev is a very experienced fighter, I know he's got over 300 amateur fights and all his fights have been knockouts in the pros. I don't really think he's fought any top ten or twenty light heavyweights though. He does get a little sloppy and I think I should be able to outbox him. I've got knockout power also and I think it's going to be a really good fight."
GL: Will this good fight go the distance?
Radivoje Kalajdzic: "Probably not."
GL: You've only had a few fights since your return. Have you shaken enough rust off to compete at this level?
RK: "I didn't have that many fights and I've only gotten three minutes of ring action in the last three years, but I'm going to get a lot of sparring and that should do it."
GL: What does a win over Beterbiev mean to you?
RK: "It's going to open up huge doors for me. It's going to mean big opportunities, unification bouts and everything I've been wanting from time I started boxing. It's going to mean the world to me and it's a must win."
GL: I assume you're pleased that DiBella Entertainment delivered you the title fight you've been craving?
RK: "I'm very pleased and I want to thank them for that, I'm very pleased and happy."
GL: What did you think of Beterbiev's fight with Callum Johnson?
RK: "I thought it was a good fight, it was entertaining, but it was sloppy. They were just both swinging, but it was good fight for the fans. He showed he could go out there and win."
GL: How do you compare Beterbiev to Marcus Browne? 
RK: "Marcus Browne has better footwork and he's way faster, Beterbiev is a more straight come forward power guy. I'm sure he can box with all of that amateur experience, but I would say he's a better brawler than boxer."
GL: How do you feel about fighting on ESPN?
RK: "I feel good to be on ESPN because even people who aren't boxing fans tune into ESPN. It's going to showcase me in front of a very large audience, so I'm very happy the exposure I'm going to get with this fight."
GL: Closing thoughts.
RK: "I'm starting camp today, just make sure you tune into ESPN on May 4th because it's going to be fireworks."

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