Beltran turns back the clock on Okada; scores 9th round TKO in fun scrap

By G. Leon


Raymundo Beltran TKO9 Hiroki Okada: In Fresno, California, ex-WBO lightweght champ Ray Beltran scored a junior welterweight win over previously unbeaten Hiroki Okada of Japan. An overhand right dropped Okada in a sesnational round two. But with Beltran going in for the kill, Okada landed a flush counter right hand that nearly dropped Beltran. Okada threw at least 40 punches after that, but most of them missed. Beltran, 36-8-1, was able to land a few hard left hooks punching with Okada. Beltran had a great third round. He was hurt Okada again and opened up a cut on the Japanese boxer's left eye with a clean punch. Although his left eye was cut for the ninth time of his career in the following frame, Beltran had Okada, 19-1, hurt again thirty seconds into round four. Beltran was all over him, barely giving Okada any space to breathe. Okada had his best round since the first in rounds five and six as Beltran began to slow down. Beltran's right eye was cut in round seven. Okada had another solid round in the eighth, but just when it looked like this fight would be heading to the cards, Beltran threw a left hook, overhand right combination on the inside. The left hook was blocked, but the right hand found its mark, sending Okada down. He beat the count at nine, but was dropped and stopped moments later. Official time of stoppage was 2:09. source: espn