Fortuna wins snoozer over Bogere

By G. Leon


Javier Fortuna W10 Sharif Bogere:  For the first five rounds in Carson, California, the lightweight bout between Javier Fortuna of the Dominican Republic and Sharif Bogere of Uganda was an ugly bore. It didn't get much prettier after that, but Fortuna, (34-2 with 23 KOs), was credited with a knockdown when he caught Bogere (32-2 with 20 KOs) off-balance in round six. Both guys began exchange a bit more after that. A clash of heads opened up nasty gash over Bogere's right eye and the blood was clearly bothering him as he pawed at his eye and stopped punching. Fortuna was able to outwork Bogere down the stretch and did most of his best work on the inside. The most entertaining thing that happened during these ten rounds was Mauro Ranallo's "Fortuna favors the bold" outburst. Thank God it's over. Official scores were 96-93 on all three cards. source: showtime