Gvozdyk's out to nail down top status at 175 starting with Beterbiev on October 18th

By G. Leon


Gvozdyk's out to nail down top status at 175 starting with Beterbiev on October 18th

Awesome Interview with the WBC champ

Greg Leon: Unification of your WBC light heavyweight championship with IBF champion Artur Beterbiev has been announced for October. I know these are the kind of fights that you've been looking for. Can you put into words what this fight means to you?  Oleksandr Gvozdyk: "I'm getting myself psyched up for this fight, this is another challenge, another big fight. I also realized that the winner of this fight is going to be the best light heavyweight. I would definitely say the most important and influential light heavyweight. I know he's a tough fighter and very strong and this going to be a very tough challenge." 
GL: How well do you know Beterbiev? 
OG: "I know him very well because he was a very good amateur. I fought him in 2009 and he won the fight, so this is going to be another motivation to get back my money from ten years ago. Now we're both different boxers and different people, but it's great for me to get this rematch."
GL: Will your science be the difference in this fight? Everyone Betebiev is a very strong fighter, but he really only does one thing, come forward and look to hurt you, but you on the other hand, have shown the ability to fight more than one way.
OG: "I hope so, that's our plan. I'm definitely not going to stand in front of him and look to trade punches with him, that's not a good strategy to have with him. We will see which game plan is going to be better."
GL: What did you think about his fight with Radivoje Kalajdzic?
OG: "To be honest I didn't see this fight. I've seen a lot of his fights but I didn't see this one. I did see the highlights and from what I see it looked like Kalajdzic, instead of moving of using some tactical plan, decided to stay in front of him. I don't think that was the best plan because just like you said he's a really strong guy and he likes to come forward, he hits hard and Kalajdzic didn't use tactics or his reach. It's easy to say this from the outside of the ring, but Kalajdzic didn't fight the right way."
GL: Will it be important for you to get his respect early? Will you go in there looking to box from the opening bell?
OG: "I'll tell you the truth, I didn't start my camp with Teddy (Atlas) yet, so what I think I'm going to do it doesn't matter because he's got the game plan for Beterbiev. We didn't discuss it yet because we've still got a lot of time. When I meet with Teddy we're going to work on that."
GL: I think you're going to be Piranha again, just like you were against the last strong heavy puncher you faced, Adonis Stevenson.
OG: "Yes, but they are different. Stevenson is more sneaky, but this guy applies much more pressure."
GL: They are also both frontrunners who don't see the second half of the fight too often.
OG: "Maybe, we will see. It's a tough fight."
GL: What would a victory in this fight mean to you?
OG: "It would mean that I'm one step closer of my dream to become the undisputed champion."
GL: Must the winner of this fight face WBO champion Sergey Kovalev next?
OG: "I don't know, it's a difficult question. I don't think he's looking in this direction right now, but since we both have the same manager and we're friends with each other, this would be the last unification I would look to make."
GL: Closing thoughts.
OG: "Thank everyone for their support, it's going to be a great fight on October 18th in Philadelphia. Come out and see a big fight!" 

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